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The dark side of live streaming
Thursday,  4/18/2019, 18:03 
In any particular culture, people always treat funerals with respect and their thoughts and prayers are always with bereaved families. However, a new yet ...
Savage beasts on the street
Thursday,  4/11/2019, 16:34 
A journalism aphorism that a dog biting a man is not newsworthy has proved wrong. It is news, and sensational news at that.
Value of immorality
Thursday,  4/4/2019, 21:04 
Parents are terrified, experts worried, and State leaders concerned over what may have amounted to a moral crisis when tens of thousands, or possibly hundreds ...
No man’s land
Thursday,  3/28/2019, 21:32 
It is no man’s land, so to say, when numerous people without land use right certificates or any ownership papers in Hanoi City’s Soc Son District can transfer ...
Garbage red tape
Friday,  3/22/2019, 17:11 
Cleaning up the environment should, at length, be the responsibility of all people in a community, though the mandate is formally consigned to a government-entrusted ...
Fishy sauce
Thursday,  3/14/2019, 21:18 
The voice is finally heard, at least hopefully so.
Epidemic in the offing
Thursday,  3/7/2019, 22:00 
Conditions are ripe for the African swine fever (ASF) to spread and become a national epidemic if tough measures are not taken, fully and drastically. ...
Still a success
Thursday,  2/28/2019, 20:07 
The U.S.-North Korea Summit in Hanoi ended Thursday without an agreement signed between the two leaders – President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un ...
High season of superstition
Thursday,  2/21/2019, 21:25 
Violence and chaos are the dominant snapshots at numerous temples and pagodas, especially in northern Vietnam, when throngs of people flood religious sites ...
Cultural crisis
Thursday,  1/24/2019, 21:08 
The bell of alarm has rung again over the widespread depravity in society.
Fatal inaction
Thursday,  1/17/2019, 21:38 
Every day, over 50 traffic accidents occur nationwide. Every day, some 22 are killed and nearly 40 injured on the road, besides huge material damages and ...
Checking flattering
Thursday,  1/10/2019, 22:01 
A big problem in State administration has now been singled out.
A divisive verdict
Thursday,  1/3/2019, 20:48 
It is not just the discord between the plaintiff and the defendant in a lawsuit. The verdict by the HCMC People’s Court last Friday, ordering the ride-hailing ...
Coercive marriage
Thursday,  12/27/2018, 20:50 
It may have gone almost unnoticed, when grassroots authorities in a hinterland area announced last week that from now on, H’mong ethnic people in Pa Co ...
Learning environment unsafe
Thursday,  12/20/2018, 19:59 
Concerns about the learning environment have intensified given innumerable misdeeds by teachers lately, from babysitters brutally beating toddlers to teachers ...
Deadly potholes
Thursday,  12/13/2018, 19:56 
Construction quality, for many State officials, is a matter of little concern and so is the people’s safety. The fatal accident that took place in the ...
Idle funds
Thursday,  12/6/2018, 19:47 
For years on end, and across the country, the valuable money has been unproductive, despite repeated calls from top leaders to dredge the passage for the ...
Educators’ flaw
Thursday,  11/29/2018, 20:58 
The harsh punishment by a teacher against a junior high-school student in the central province of Quang Binh has these days drawn ire from all walks of ...
The sideshow that matters
Thursday,  11/22/2018, 21:22 
All eyes are on the first-instance hearing taking place in the northern province of Phu Tho where two former police leaders are standing trial for allegedly ...
Concerns on the development track
Thursday,  11/15/2018, 20:57 
The grim reality has still persisted after a decade since the Government first initiated a scheme to develop the North-South high-speed railway in 2008: ...
Justice feared in the reverse gear
Thursday,  11/8/2018, 21:47 
Objection has been far and wide following the ruling last Friday by the Thai Nguyen Province Court of Appeal, sentencing Le Ngoc Hoang to six years behind ...
Legislation flaws
Thursday,  11/1/2018, 21:29 
The intention was right when the Ministry of Education put forth a draft circular with an aim to amend prevailing regulations governing behaviors of students ...
Wrong side of the right way
Thursday,  10/25/2018, 21:20 
Criticisms and skepticisms are overwhelming following a decision by Can Tho City’s government this week to slap a heavy fine on a resident for exchanging ...
Dig deeper for irregularities
Thursday,  10/18/2018, 20:25 
The upbeat mood has been high since Danang-Quang Ngai Expressway was opened to traffic last month, linking major economic centers in the central region, ...
The failure of high yield
Thursday,  10/11/2018, 20:41 
High productivity is generally deemed a desirable achievement, but for Vietnamese farmers, such an outcome poses risks, which under many circumstances ...
Identity values under threat
Thursday,  10/4/2018, 21:34 
The conflict between preservation and development has always been a constant one, but in HCMC, it is even more striking given the fast pace of development. ...
Wastefulness of textbooks
Thursday,  9/27/2018, 21:42 
The cost is huge and is widely seen in local media these days as wastefulness when textbooks by the Vietnam Education Publishing House under the Ministry ...
Behind the glee of no tuition fee
Thursday,  9/20/2018, 19:30 
It comes as good news for many parents in HCMC when the municipal government says all children at public schools will be exempted from tuition fees up ...
Towards a dog meat ban
Thursday,  9/13/2018, 20:08 
The controversy gets heated following instructions by the Hanoi City government to restrict the consumption of dog meat in the city, with the two aims ...
Constant conflict
Thursday,  9/6/2018, 20:58 
The general public has conveyed support, but experts and officials are split over a plan to develop an Urban Railway Project No. 2 underground terminal ...
Collateral damage
Thursday,  8/30/2018, 20:07 
The cause looks noble when government agencies with the mandate to protect consumers have launched inspections into enterprises suspicious of wrongdoing. ...
Conditional abolishment
Thursday,  8/16/2018, 19:06 
The deadline set by the Prime Minister for ministries and relevant agencies to make life easier for businesses by abolishing at least half of the business ...
Stop being an egg
Thursday,  8/9/2018, 20:47 
The business deal between VinaCapital and local trader of poultry egg and meat Ba Huan never gets hatched, as the foreign investment fund has finally agreed ...
A new dumping ground?
Saturday,  8/4/2018, 17:30 
The environmental pollution threat is looming larger than ever as the nation is struggling with a huge influx of scrap from other countries. Backlogs of ...
The nasty cheat
Thursday,  7/26/2018, 19:17 
Despite the presence of laws, market surveillance agencies and industry associations, consumers are still vulnerable to trade fraud. There are many cunning ...
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