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Vietnamese noodle soup—version of Can Tho
Sunday,  11/22/2020, 13:15 
Rice noodle soup with pork is a specialty in the Mekong Delta but well known across the country. The dish has many versions. One of the most tasty is Can ...
Land of legends
Sunday,  11/22/2020, 12:08 
Visit the Mekong Delta Province of An Giang and you will hear stories from ancient times about the people and events related to Ba Chua Xu Temple
Mountains for pilgrims
Sunday,  11/8/2020, 15:59 
Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh Province and Cau Mountain in Binh Duong Province are ideal for globetrotters who want to make the most of nature and pray for ...
Hotpot from the delta
Sunday,  11/8/2020, 15:59 
Fish paste is a specialty with a distinctive flavor in the Mekong Delta. Locals use the special ingredient to make a unique fish paste hotpot, known locally ...
Green tourist destinations in Tay Ninh
Sunday,  11/1/2020, 15:01 
Dau Tieng Reservoir, Lo Go Xa Mat National Park, the wild grape garden at the foot of Ba Den Mountain and Ma Thien Lanh Valley are ideal destinations for ...
Hanoian homespun dish
Sunday,  11/1/2020, 15:00 
Bún ốc, escargot vermicelli soup, is a homespun dish in Hanoi. To some, nothing is better than enjoying a bowl of spicy escargot vermicelli soup in cold ...
TBA celebrates Thai lantern festival in HCMC
Saturday,  10/31/2020, 15:25 
HCMC - The Thai Business Association in Vietnam (TBA) organized the Thai lantern release festival Loy Krathong, one of the most significant occasions in ...
Charming nature and culture in Tay Giang
Sunday,  10/25/2020, 17:24 
Trekking to po mu (Fokienia) forest, admiring terraced rice fields embraced by zig zag streams, talking with friendly Co Tu ethnic people are some of the ...
Seafood market in the morning
Sunday,  10/25/2020, 14:46 
Hai Hau—a coastal district in Nam Dinh Province—boasts a 32-kilometer coastline, which provides livelihood for the majority of local households.
Delicious fish noodle soup in Kien Giang
Sunday,  10/25/2020, 14:43 
A fish noodle soup from the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang offers diners an interesting culinary delight as it has a taste different from counterparts ...
Yellow season in Kon Tum Province
Sunday,  10/18/2020, 14:31 
Vast terraced rice fields on Ngoc Linh Mountain in Kon Tum Province in the Central Highlands are considered a version of the northwestern region. If tourists ...
Gia Lai-style rice noodle soup
Sunday,  10/18/2020, 14:30 
Gia Lai is a mountainous province which boasts a distinctive culture and a cuisine embracing traditions and modernity. Among the specialties symbolizing ...
Islands and islets make a difference
Sunday,  10/11/2020, 17:42 
Rustic dish of local prawns
Sunday,  10/11/2020, 12:50 
Rice paper roll with small rice-field prawns served with herbs and a small bowl of spicy fish sauce is a local rustic dish which wins the heart of many ...
The secret ingredient of Mekong Delta sour soup
Sunday,  10/4/2020, 13:48 
Dien dien (Sesbania sesban) is a yellow flower found in the Mekong Delta during flooding season. This kind of flower is a secret ingredient for local sour ...
National parks ideal for weekend getaways
Sunday,  10/4/2020, 09:57 
If you want to temporarily leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy fresh air in forests, national parks not very far from HCMC may be ...
Taste of the sea in a bowl of noodle soup
Sunday,  9/27/2020, 16:20 
Jellyfish noodle soup is popular in some central coast provinces like Binh Dinh, Ninh Thuan and Khanh Hoa. The specialty wins the heart of diners with ...
Saigon River tour
Sunday,  9/27/2020, 14:12 
Follow this group of tourists who enjoy a boat trip along the Saigon River
A popular version of the Delta’s rice vermicelli soup
Sunday,  9/20/2020, 16:04 
Rice vermicelli noodle soup, or bun nuoc leo in Vietnamese, is well known throughout the Mekong Delta’s provinces. However, this dish in Tra Vinh Province ...
An old eye of the sea
Sunday,  9/20/2020, 11:19 
Tien Sa is a 120-year-old lighthouse constructed in the French colonial period. The lighthouse in the central coast city of Danang is a place where tourists ...
A Central Highlands’ specialty
Sunday,  9/13/2020, 17:48 
Grilled chicken served with com lam (rice steamed in bamboo tubes) can be said to be a distinctive dish in the Central Highlands. The combination of soft ...
A picturesque route in the north
Sunday,  9/13/2020, 17:47 
A group of travelers explores a route spanning four northern provinces, including Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, Cao Bang and Ha Giang
Particpants get taste of Italian culinary culture in HCMC
Saturday,  9/12/2020, 14:10 
Varieties of Italian cheese and wines were dished out at an Italian culinary event in HCMC on September 9 to promote authentic and quality Italian agri-food ...
Danang’s special pork rolls
Sunday,  9/6/2020, 17:03 
Rice paper rolls with pork, or banh trang cuon thit heo in Vietnamese, is a tasty dish popular throughout Vietnam. This “version” in Danang seems to be ...
A trip to Nam Du Archipelago
Sunday,  9/6/2020, 11:46 
Nam Du Archipelago off the coast of the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang consists of 21 islets which show attractive ecological diversity in the West Sea
A specialty from Mekong Delta
Sunday,  8/30/2020, 11:30 
“Suong” noodle soup is served with shrimp paste, pork hocks and herbs. The specialty from the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh is made with a secret recipe ...
Rice noodle specialty from northern port city
Sunday,  8/23/2020, 14:38 
Crab noodle soup is a well-known specialty of the northern port city of Haiphong. Its intriguing flavor will win the heart of food lovers.
Phu Yen’s landmarks worth a visit
Sunday,  8/16/2020, 16:24 
Phu Yen’s chive noodle soup
Sunday,  8/16/2020, 13:52 
Chive noodle soup is popular in not only Phu Yen Province but also the central region due to its great taste which will make diners unforgettable
A Dalat in the central region
Sunday,  8/2/2020, 16:50 
Tay Giang District in Quang Nam Province is dubbed a version of Dalat City in the central region due to its all-year-round cool climate
Trang Bang rice noodle soup
Sunday,  8/2/2020, 16:49 
This kind of rice noodle soup which combines the softness and fragrance of Trang Bang rice and the sweetness of the broth from pork bones is sure to win ...
A must-try specialty of Hoi An
Sunday,  7/26/2020, 18:18 
Cao Lau noodle soup, a specialty of Hoi An ancient town in Quang Nam Province, has been listed among the most attractive rice noodles in Asia by CNN . ...
A journey to the “Husband-Waiting” mountain
Sunday,  7/19/2020, 13:43 
Conquering Ba Doi Om Mountain in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang left us unforgettable experiences
Grand Saigon Hotel offers regional specialties
Monday,  7/13/2020, 18:27 
HCMC – The Grand Saigon Hotel on July 11 started a program introducing delicious dishes of Binh Thuan and Tay Ninh provinces such as Binh Thuan noodle, ...
Phu Yen-style chicken rice
Sunday,  7/12/2020, 17:12 
Although chicken rice in the central province of Phu Yen is not as popular as its versions in Hoi An City and Quang Nam Province, the dish is worth a try ...
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