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Forest creation in Ca Mau: A sustainable business idea
Saturday,  10/31/2020, 17:58 
During the Covid-19 outbreak, we visited Ca Mau Province in search of suppliers of wood pellets. I was surprised to discover companies there growing their ...
Smart investors eye HCMC’s “smart” initiatives
Monday,  9/7/2020, 12:41 
HCMC - For an expat, HCMC can be a bridge between simpler times and the modern business world. This is equally captivating and frustrating, depending on ...
Thursday,  8/13/2020, 12:29 
HCMC – What is it like to get flooded? When I went to sleep last Thursday evening, it was raining hard. But it didn’t seem like anything to worry about. ...
Vietnam’s domestic moment
Sunday,  8/2/2020, 12:10 
Editor’s note: The author of this article, an American business and policy strategist providing services primarily for the private sector, argues that ...
Return of the virus
Friday,  7/31/2020, 11:45 
HCMC - After going 99 days without a fresh case, Vietnam is back in Covid-19 panic mode. For months, the country had basked in the glow of the being the ...
HBSO to stage chamber concert on July 25
Monday,  7/6/2020, 11:06 
HCMC - The HBSO is staging a concert of chamber music at the Saigon Opera House on July 25. The selection of items is remarkable and highly original, and ...
How did Vietnam dodge Covid-19?
Tuesday,  6/30/2020, 15:22 
HCMC - The recovery of a 43-year-old British pilot, Vietnam’s last Covid-19 patient in intensive care, marks a turning point in the fight against the virus. ...
New foundation sets sights on vision issues in Vietnam
Monday,  6/29/2020, 12:30 
HCMC - A lavish store opening in HCMC’s District 1 could also mean the start of a boost for those with vision issues around Vietnam.
In a league of its own
Friday,  6/26/2020, 11:18 
On many levels, Vietnam is singing its own song. It has successfully flattened the COVID-19 curve, nearly eliminating the virus thanks to proactive containment ...
HBSO reveals program for June 2020 to January 2021
Wednesday,  6/3/2020, 16:06 
HCMC - The HCMC Ballet, Symphony Orchestra and Opera (HBSO) has revealed the outline of its schedule for the months June 2020 to January 2021. The previous ...
Food in the city
Wednesday,  6/3/2020, 12:04 
HCMC - Vietnamese cuisine is one of the world’s healthiest. Pho, a flat rice noodle soup, is a nutritionist’s dream. The beef or chicken provide protein, ...
HBSO returns with the world’s most popular symphony
Monday,  6/1/2020, 11:41 
HCMC - Among the best possible news is that the HCMC Ballet, Symphony Orchestra and Opera (HBSO) is resuming concerts from June 13.
Blind in one eye
Tuesday,  5/26/2020, 14:20 
HCMC - The World Health Organization ranks Vietnam 160th in terms of overall health system performance. It is not a destination for medical tourism. All ...
Pandemic perspectives final part: Views from around the world
Monday,  5/4/2020, 16:52 
HCMC - The world is under varying degrees of lockdown owing to the threat posed by Covid-19. The pandemic is currently spreading across the planet, with ...
Pandemic perspectives part 2: Views from around the world
Wednesday,  4/29/2020, 17:14 
HCMC - The world is under varying degrees of lockdown owing to the threat posed by Covid-19. The pandemic is currently spreading across the planet, with ...
Pandemic perspectives: View from around the world
Monday,  4/27/2020, 11:03 
HCMC - The world is under varying degrees of lockdown owing to the threat posed by Covid-19. The pandemic is currently spreading across the planet, with ...
Lockdown science: Keeping children occupied during a pandemic
Monday,  4/13/2020, 12:26 
HCMC - Well, if you’re like me, you’re in some form of lockdown.
Staying put in Vietnam the safe choice for many foreigners
Monday,  3/30/2020, 17:57 
HCMC - Writing helps me think. Reflect.
Confronting “uncertainty” for the third time
Tuesday,  3/24/2020, 18:38 
In my 20-plus-year career as an economist, I felt helpless twice in making an economic forecast.
Being emotionally honest about Covid-19
Monday,  3/23/2020, 17:21 
HCMC - This is the moment where I pull back the curtain. And admit: I don’t know what the future holds.
Literature in a time of crisis
Monday,  3/16/2020, 14:58 
HCMC - Watching television these past few days, the English language news services from Germany and France, I found that there was almost nothing that ...
Straining against the outbreak
Friday,  3/13/2020, 11:55 
HCMC - For nearly two months my kids haven’t gone to school. Most of that time, I haven’t gone to my workplace.
Why getting stressed is, ultimately, pointless
Friday,  3/6/2020, 16:22 
HCMC - Not to say, it won’t happen. Not everyone looks at things in the same way. We all view everything informed by our own personality/wants/objectives: ...
Misadventures in Vietnamese real estate
Monday,  3/2/2020, 17:39 
HCMC - The great Trang Bom land rush. I was there, and it wasn’t pretty.
Saigon: why a year here became nine
Monday,  2/24/2020, 16:24 
HCMC - Saigon isn’t for everybody. Especially when they look at other cities in Asia to find their fortune.
Coping when revenue streams dry up
Sunday,  2/23/2020, 11:12 
HCMC - As I near my mid-40s, I have become accustomed to hustling for work. Over a lifetime of relying on writing and teaching as revenue streams, you ...
Managing? Or man aging? Surviving a heavy workload in your mid-40s
Wednesday,  2/19/2020, 15:19 
HCMC - Teaching is the sort of job where an off day is murder. When a class goes sideways, the students start to murmur and rustle, the ship starts to ...
What journalism taught me (not what you think)
Tuesday,  2/18/2020, 16:19 
HCMC - So the headline is not necessarily what you’re expecting to read, I reckon. I could mention some of the skills I picked up during my years working ...
A teacher's life during corona time in Saigon
Monday,  2/17/2020, 13:14 
HCMC - For some, corona signifies a beachside holiday, with a slice of lime wedged into the mouth of a frosty beer bottle. In Saigon, the current meaning ...
Valentine’s Day always reminds me of… swimming
Wednesday,  2/12/2020, 12:26 
HCMC - Every Valentine’s Day, I revisit how I came to meet my wife here in HCMC, to whom I’ve been married for more than six years. But we actually met ...
Being a nomad in my own city
Tuesday,  2/11/2020, 14:14 
HCMC - Tan Binh. Binh Thanh. District 2. District 7. All points in between.
Daddy daycare: multitasking to the max
Sunday,  2/9/2020, 12:48 
HCMC - We knew Granny was gonna leave sooner or later. But we spent the next few days reeling from her departure.
Work smarter, not harder
Monday,  2/3/2020, 11:56 
HCMC - I used to tackle writing like I was taking down a redwood with a chainsaw: Blast through it, flick away some sawdust (editing) and saddle up for ...
Why I dislike Tet and grinding it out with two kids
Friday,  1/31/2020, 12:00 
In the past, I used to enjoy holidays. Not anymore.
Migration and Vietnamese identity
Wednesday,  1/29/2020, 14:18 
It is that Vietnamese identity which helps us Vietnamese still show deep compassion for our compatriots when they are down and out on foreign soil.
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