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HCMC sets up five-level treatment system for Covid-19 patients
Tuesday,  7/27/2021, 18:57 
HCMC - In the context of the widely spreading Covid-19 pandemic, HCMC has decided to set up a five-level admission and treatment system for Covid-19 patients.
Southern localities strive to prevent disruptions in supply chain
Saturday,  7/24/2021, 18:38 
HCMC - HCMC and southern provinces are taking various measures to prevent disruptions in the supply chain of goods in the context of social distancing ...
What if the pandemic is not over anytime soon?
Tuesday,  7/20/2021, 14:37 
They have had to scale down their operations, with salaries cut and employees laid off, to survive the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. What will they do if ...
Covid-19 leads to on-demand grocery service boom
Saturday,  7/17/2021, 12:09 
Online shopping and personal grocery-shopping services are booming in HCMC as a result of travel restrictions to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Vaccines to be prioritized for those with chronic diseases, over 65 years, poor
Friday,  7/16/2021, 12:15 
HCMC - At the upcoming 5th round of vaccination, HCMC will change the order of those prioritized for vaccination, focusing on people with chronic diseases, ...
Accelerating support for workers affected by Covid-19
Wednesday,  7/14/2021, 11:58 
HCMC - As the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic engulfs HCMC, people are working to fight the virus together by complying with Covid-19 prevention and ...
Vietnam’s e-commerce market flourishes amid Covid-19
Sunday,  7/11/2021, 09:52 
Although Covid-19 has severely affected most industries, the pandemic has given a boost to the e-commerce market as it led to a surging demand for online ...
Supermarkets make renewed efforts to adapt during the pandemic
Saturday,  7/10/2021, 10:18 
The tightening of regulations on disease prevention in HCMC over the past month has continued to impact retailers and consumers. However, retail units ...
Businesses struggle to survive during pandemic
Sunday,  7/4/2021, 08:30 
The fourth Covid-19 wave beginning in late April, which is much more complicated and dangerous than previous outbreaks, has caused numerous difficulties ...
Concerns arise as real estate market overheats
Sunday,  6/27/2021, 07:36 
Property prices, especially in the high-end segment in Vietnam’s big cities, have increased drastically over the past two years partly due to accommodative ...
Tourism industry hit hard by fourth Covid-19 wave
Saturday,  6/19/2021, 09:35 
The fourth Covid-19 wave beginning late April has dealt a mighty blow to Vietnam’s tourism industry, which has already been weakened since the pandemic ...
Online sales of farm produce increase amid Covid-19
Sunday,  6/13/2021, 11:05 
As the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a shift in the way people are purchasing goods, many farmers and traders of farm produce have gone online to sell ...
To where the tourism industry will go?
Tuesday,  6/8/2021, 13:22 
HCMC - Tourism is an important sector in the economy. But it is now feeling the worst impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic. Destinations have turned quiet ...
Individual investors play out-sized roles on stock market
Sunday,  6/6/2021, 10:34 
The number of new stock trading accounts opened by domestic individual investors from January to April 2021 amounted to over 3.1 million and they accounted ...
Italians celebrate National Day with photo exhibition in HCMC
Friday,  6/4/2021, 11:15 
On the occasion of Italy's National Day June 2, 2021, a photo exhibition "Italian Routes - Italian mountain scenery, mountaineering, climate change" was ...
Coffee chains expand despite Covid-19
Sunday,  5/30/2021, 11:10 
While the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected the food and beverage sector, a number of tea and coffee retail chains have surprisingly made expansion.
Indian man shares how he makes roti and chicken fried rice
Tuesday,  5/25/2021, 11:20 
Mr. Harry from India is owner of Haveli, a food stall selling Indian food and chicken fried rice in District 4, HCMC. In our Chào! program today, Mr. Harry ...
Personal data from 10,000 ID cards put up for sale online
Sunday,  5/23/2021, 10:29 
Information that a member of a forum, Raid, sold information taken from the data storage of ID cards of some 10,000 Vietnamese people, has gone viral on ...
Domestic steel prices soar 45% year-to-date
Saturday,  5/15/2021, 11:07 
Domestic steel prices have soared 45% since the beginning of this year, making life difficult for enterprises and contractors.
How have expats in HCMC overcome difficulties caused by Covid-19?
Tuesday,  5/11/2021, 15:01 
The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the livelihoods of not only locals but also many expats living and working in HCMC. In our Chào! program today, ...
Many banks pay dividends in shares
Sunday,  5/9/2021, 11:12 
Many banks in Vietnam have announced that they will pay stock dividends for shareholders to raise capital and improve competitiveness.
Regional Covid-19 outbreaks challenge Vietnam’s resumption of int’l tourism
Saturday,  5/1/2021, 11:58 
Vietnam has planned to reopen its doors to international tourists in the coming months but the plan is being hindered due to the complicated development ...
Street artists promote sustainable development through graffiti works
Thursday,  4/29/2021, 12:33 
Six talented young Vietnamese street artists took part in the JAM-Vietnam Urban Arts 2021 in the garden of the French Consulate General in HCMC on April ...
An English man on his journey in Vietnam
Tuesday,  4/27/2021, 17:21 
Over 30 years ago, an English man came to Vietnam as a traveler. Several years later, he initiated an educational program for poor children. That man is ...
Foreign companies dominate Vietnam’s ride-hailing market
Saturday,  4/24/2021, 13:34 
With strong financial capacity, foreign companies such as Grab and Gojek are dominating the ride-hailing market in Vietnam.
VNA’s proposal to raise airfare caps sparks controversy
Saturday,  4/17/2021, 09:59 
Vietnam Airlines has proposed that the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam raise airfare caps by VND50,000-250,000 per passenger, sparking controversy.
Investors on lookout to acquire hotels and resorts
Saturday,  4/10/2021, 12:42 
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many hotels in Vietnam to close down but has led to an increasing number of investors on the lookout to buy hotels and ...
How can fashion and textile sector rebound in post-Covid-19?
Wednesday,  4/7/2021, 12:34 
As one of Vietnam’s biggest export mainstays, the fashion and textile sector has also been hit the hardest by Covid-19. From a supply chain point of view, ...
Banks in rush for capital increase
Saturday,  4/3/2021, 08:54 
Multiple banks have accelerated charter capital increase to improve competitiveness by using shares to pay bonuses and dividends while issuing more shares.
In what way would the real estate market develop in the Covid-19 pandemic?
Thursday,  4/1/2021, 09:47 
Why does the housing price keep rising? How could developers sell their products in the Covid-19 pandemic? Should investors use financial leverage during ...
Low-cost houses in HCMC in short supply
Saturday,  3/27/2021, 07:12 
Small-sized and affordable apartments have become scarcer in HCMC, making it harder for middle-income people in the city to own a house or an apartment.
STF donates over 400 scholarships to poor students in Quang Nam
Friday,  3/26/2021, 16:54 
The Saigon Times Foundation, a non-profit organization of the Saigon Times Group, has donated hundreds of scholarships to poor students in Duy Xuyen, Tien ...
Provinces in rush to propose new airport projects
Saturday,  3/20/2021, 09:39 
Many provinces across the country have proposed building new airports despite low economic efficiency of existing airports and the aviation market seriously ...
Proposed airport project causes land fever in Binh Phuoc
Saturday,  3/13/2021, 08:41 
Land prices in Hon Quang District, Binh Phuoc Province have soared by up to 10 times as a proposed airport project in the district caused a price bubble ...
Vietnamese women in the eyes of international friends
Monday,  3/8/2021, 19:08 
Vietnamese women are widely known for their charm, inner beauty, hard works, warm hearts and many other qualities. Today’s video will invite you to explore ...
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