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The haunted mansions of Dalat City
Thursday,  6/23/2011, 20:05 

The haunted mansions of Dalat City

By Kinh Luan in Dalat

Lying next to Highway 20 and about 15 minutes away from downtown Dalat City, this beautiful but cursed mansion in Prenn Pass has lain empty for a decade
Dalat is known as a vacation area built by the French in the late 19th century - but it not only attracts tourists because of its cool weather and beautiful landscapes.

The city also arouses people’s curiosity due to its infamous haunted mansions.

Every city has its ghost stories but it seems one particular house at Prenn Pass, which is located around 100 meters from Highway 20 in the romantic Mimosa valley, looks like it could be the real thing.

“The two-storey building has had many restorations since it was built in 1930. Then it was bought by a French/Vietnamese man in 1986 who wanted to turn it into a mini hotel,” said Le Phi, a known scholar on Dalat City.

“But his dream never came true because he died in a plane crash just after buying the house”, Phi added.

Through dusty windows, you can see the remains of a fire inside the mansion. Next to a simple altar there is a young woman’s accessories; namely lipstick a brush and a dry perfume bottle - Photos: Kinh Luan
And that was just one of the horror stories to plague this home. A security guard killed himself there in 1997 and local people and even taxi drivers are too frightened to drive customers here.

Opposite the cursed mansion is another famous haunted villa named Da Quy (Mexican sunflower) 1 Villa. This villa is owned by a rich man in HCMC but he has left it derelict and no security guard is brave enough to take on the job of looking after the home.

Of course no one knows if ghosts really exist but maybe the Dalat tourism sector should take advantage of these urban legends and create a Dalat ghost trail. They could even call in the Ghost Hunters TV show to give the city some publicity.

If not these haunted mansions could disappear into obscurity but their legends will always be on the minds of wary Dalat city residents.

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