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TNI opens first King Coffee in Gia Lai
Thursday,  7/12/2018, 17:24 

TNI opens first King Coffee in Gia Lai

By Hung Le

Le Hoang Diep Thao (middle, in yellow gown), CEO of TNI Corporation, cuts a ribbon at the opening ceremony of King Coffee Gia Lai on July 10 - PHOTO: TNI

HCMC - TNI Corporation has opened the first cafe under the King Coffee brand in Gia Lai Province as part of its strategy to develop a coffee shop chain in Vietnam.

The corporation, where Le Hoang Diep Thao serves as CEO, aims to develop a distribution network covering 63 provinces and cities.

The high-end coffee shop, which was inaugurated on July 10, is located at No.2, Le Loi Street, in Gia Lai Province’s Pleiku City, and covers an area of 1,200 square meters.

The King Coffee brand has penetrated many foreign markets, including South Korea, mainland China, Singapore, Australia and India.

King Coffee Gia Lai and other cafes in the pipeline comprise two zones: one serving coffee and the other for relishing coffee art. The design of the newly opened cafe is inspired by the “Coffee World - Worldwide Coffee” concept. It offers its customers the chance to savor freshly brewed coffee produced in the country as well as from Brazil and Colombia, considered the holy lands for coffee cultivation.

TNI Corporation was formerly known as Trung Nguyen International, founded in 2008 in Singapore by Thao. It became operational three years ago and is headquartered in HCMC. The corporation rolled out its first King Coffee products in the United States in late 2016, distinguishing it from other local enterprises.

Thao, a co-founder of Trung Nguyen Corporation, had partly contributed to introducing the G7 coffee brand, a subsidiary of Trung Nguyen Corporation, in more than 60 countries.

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