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Piggy banks popular in Year of the Pig
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Piggy banks popular in Year of the Pig

By Thanh Hoa

In the photo are gold clay piggy banks which are believed to bring prosperity and luck in the Lunar New Year - PHOTOS: THANH HOA

As Tet 2019—the Lunar New Year or the Year of the Pig—is in the air, pottery kilns in Lai Thieu Pottery Village in Binh Duong Province are running in full capacity to fulfill orders for clay piggy banks.

The piggy bank production requires a multiple-step process from clay molding and drying to baking and painting.

Molds are used for shaping piggy banks

In the Year of the Pig, piggy banks are a symbol of prosperity. Cute clay piggy banks in all sizes and colors are often part of childhood memories in Vietnam. These piggy banks, which have an inserting slot and no opening, are made to help kids form the habit of thrift and saving. Therefore, the only way to retrieve the money is to smash these piggy banks. Doing so allows the owner of a piggy bank to feel great when he or she enjoys his or her savings.

Traditionally, clay piggy banks are taken from molds and then dried under the sun for three or four days
Clay piggy banks after being baked for around 10-12 hours
The “pigs” are coated with different layers of colors
Next, artisans draw eyes, noses and some patterns on them
Colorful clay piggy banks are ready for the market


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