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Gia Lai people rush to prepare for Tet
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Gia Lai people rush to prepare for Tet

By Thanh Ha

A boy holds a bunch of phrynium leaves and bamboo strings which are used to wrap banh chung - PHOTOS: THANH HA

GIA LAI – Tet is just two days away, so every corner in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai seems busier than usual as locals are hurriedly making final preparations for this biggest and most important holiday in Vietnam.

Two women choose colorful items to decorate their homes

Streets become more colorful and crowded as people rush to markets these days to buy decorations, flowers, new clothes and ingredients for traditional dishes.

It is not their custom to buy processed food. When Tet approaches, people in Gia Lai prefer preparing food themselves; and popular food items are dried fruits, jams, Vietnamese sausage and banh chung (square glutinous rice cake) or banh tet.

Banana leaves, phrynium leaves and bamboo strings for making banh chung and banh tet are displayed for sale

As immigrant people from many other localities have chosen Gia Lai as their second homeland, the Tet holiday in the province has also turned more diverse. Those coming from the northern region tend to make banh chung, while those from southern and central provinces make banh tet.

Two men are seen making banh tet

On these days, local people also go to flower markets at parks or at venues along large streets to buy fresh flowers and bonsai trees to decorate their homes during Tet. Many kinds of flowers and bonsai trees have been displayed for sale since last month, such as kumquat trees, apricot blossoms, chrysanthemum, marigold and cockscomb.

A pot of pussy willow branches attracts a female consumer

The province is also home to ethnic minority groups such as Jarai and Bahnar. However, they do not celebrate the Tet holiday.

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