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Tet celebration in coconut land
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Tet celebration in coconut land

By Hong Ngan

Yellow apricot blossoms in full bloom. The flower is seen in every house in the Mekong Delta region during Tet, as it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to home owners – PHOTOS: HONG NGAN


BEN TRE – Local people of Thanh Phu District in the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre usually flock to Spring Fair during Tet, or Lunar New Year, to take part in various entertainment activities.

The traditional Spring Fair has long been one of the favorite destinations of the locals when Tet comes, aside from flower markets and pagodas. Particularly, it is a dispensable part for local people in rural or remote areas, where they have limited access to entertainment services compared with people in the town.

Many people visit a Spring Fair in Thanh Phu District on the first evening of the lunar year


At the fair, they can enjoy themselves by participating in a wide range of games whose winners will receive common gifts such as soft drinks, snacks, sweets or colorful stuffed animals.

Local people are playing tin throwing game whose winners can pick up stuffed animals on the shelves
A ball-drop game booth attracts both adults and kids


Apart from stopping by multiple booths to play games at the fair, the locals can enjoy nightly music performances, visit an exhibition house which displays ancient items, bonsai trees, local fruits or award-winning paintings. Meanwhile, there is a playground with many games designed for kids, along with a culinary zone.

A huge bunch of Xiem coconuts is displayed at the fair, among other local special fruits. Ben Tre is home to coconut in Vietnam, with coconut trees covering over 67,000 hectares of land.



Colorful award-winning paintings are on display in an exhibition house at the fair, depicting how children celebrate the Tet Holiday



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