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Heavy traffic congestion triggered by post-Tet commute
Sunday,  2/10/2019, 18:38 

Heavy traffic congestion triggered by post-Tet commute

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Huge numbers of road users on the way back to HCMC and neighboring provinces are held up in a heavy traffic jam in the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long – PHOTO: CONGAN.COM.VN

HCMC – Throngs of revellers are returning from home in the Mekong Delta to HCMC as the Lunar New Year holiday (Tet) is ending, causing severe traffic congestion along the way today, February 10.

Rach Mieu, a 2.8-kilometer cable-stayed bridge linking the Mekong Delta provinces of Ben Tre and Tien Giang and a key route leading to HCMC and other southeastern provinces, was heavily congested today, forcing the operator of the Rach Mieu BOT bridge tollgate to let automobiles pass at no charge to ease the congestion.

Thousands of cars and motorbikes had been caught in a heavy traffic jam around the Rach Mieu area on the way from the Mekong Delta to the southeastern provinces since the morning of the day.

Colonel Vo Van Nghia, deputy head of the traffic police department of Ben Tre Province, told local media that the overload at the Rach Mieu bridge tollgate was identified as the main cause of the gridlock in the area.

The bridge has just one lane for automobiles and a narrower one for motorcycles in each direction, he added, so it resulted in the congestion.

A leader of the traffic police department of Tien Giang Province was quoted by Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper as saying that the department mobilized two thirds of their officers to regulate traffic.

“Today is the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday, so people are going back to work in HCMC tomorrow. As a result, traffic jams may continue into the evening,” he said.

In a related development, thousands of tourists are leaving Phu Quoc Island off the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang today. The situation has also led to gridlock at Bai Vong, the island’s main ferry terminal.

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