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Greenback firmer against dong
Friday,  4/19/2019, 20:11 

Greenback firmer against dong

The Saigon Times Daily

U.S. dollar banknotes are seen on a cash counter at a local bank. The greenback got firmer against the Vietnam dong on the informal market today, April 19 - PHOTO: UYEN VIEN

HCMC – The U.S. dollar got firmer against the Vietnamese dong on the informal market today, April 19, with the buying price in the afternoon rising VND20 compared to the morning, reaching VND23,210, while the selling price added VND10 at VND23,220, the local media reported.

Meanwhile, local banks raised U.S. dollar prices by VND5-10. Eximbank in the afternoon quoted the greenback at VND23,170 for buying and VND23,250 for selling, a VND10 rise.

The State Bank of Vietnam also revised up the central reference rate to a new high of VND22,998, up VND10 against Thursday. Since early this year, the rate has surged by VND170, or 0.74%.

According to a report from the central bank, U.S. dollar transactions on the interbank market dropped by nearly VND1.6 trillion to an average of VND23.5 trillion per day from April 8-12.

Interest rates on the market were stable, with the overnight rate set at 2.51% per year, one week at 2.54% per year, one month at 2.75% and three months at 2.91%.

As the dollar appreciated, local banks cut the prices of other foreign currencies. At Vietcombank, the euro lost VND133 at VND25,880 for buying and VND26,606 for selling. Meanwhile, the British pound fell by VND104 at  VND29,807 and VND30,284 and the Australian dollar dipped by VND45 at VND16,400 for buying and VND16,679 for selling.

The domestic gold price bounced back after several days of falling, despite little volatility on the global market.

In HCMC, gold trading firms bought the precious metal at VND36.2 million and sold it at VND36.36 million per tael, up VND70 versus the previous day. A tael equals 1.2 troy ounces.

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