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Chit-chat with Japanese singer Meik
Friday,  9/20/2019, 18:11 

Chit-chat with Japanese singer Meik

By Nhan Tam


Meik, a Japanese singer and dancer, recently had her second music video made in the central coastal city of Danang while joining the Vietnam-Japan Culture Exchange Festival from July 25 to 28. In the following interview, the Weekly talked to Meik who is on the way to becoming a goodwill ambassador of Danang’s tourism industry. Meik said she hopes to make Vietnam and Japan even closer through music.   

Q: You started to promote your talent, especially singing and dancing, when you were very young. What would you say about your love for the arts?

A: When I began a dance, I did not think about singing very much. Instead I totally focused on dancing. Meanwhile, I always start to sing a song in earnest and I have noticed my pleasure of singing. In both singing and dancing, expressions and performances should be free. To me, singing and dancing have wonderful power which can help us do many things.

You are so young. You still have the best achievements and memories during your career as an artist, don’t you?   

I started my career as an artist a long time ago. At the age of nine, I was then selected as a student for one of Japan’s largest dance schools. Concert tours and TV appearances together with top artists in Japan are my best achievements to date. I remember once I performed at a concert with around 50,000 spectators.

What brought you to Vietnam where you had your MV “Feeling Good” made last year?

Last year, I wanted to visit some beautiful destinations in Danang. I thought of some photo sessions here as well. And then, the idea of making my music video also in Danang came to my mind. That was how my “Feeling Good” was born. This song about a girl who is in love is put in the setting of a refreshing musical piece brightened by the coming of summer. The first opportunity was to create a music video in which the girl’s journey can be felt. The more I look at the material, the better it becomes for my image.

You have finished your second MV in Danang and you’re going to leave this city soon. What is your deepest impression on Danang? Can you tell me why so?

To me, it is the Dragon Bridge. It is so impressive to me. There is always a weekly performance to be carried out on this bridge. It is wonderful that a lot of people can watch performances on the bridge.

You have also helped further strengthen the relationship between Danang and some localities in Japan with your performances. Joining the events in Danang was an example. How do you feel about this?

I am very happy to be able to take part in the events which mark the long-standing friendship between Vietnam and Japan. In fact, I hope more Vietnamese people will like Japanese pop music. Of course, I also hope more Japanese will come to Danang and Vietnam, inspired by music. I am very grateful that there was another place where I could share my music.

What do you think if you are chosen as a goodwill ambassador of Danang’s tourism industry?

I am excited to introduce Danang to everyone in the world, including Japan, through my MVs. I will introduce the best Danang and Vietnam have to offer. And I think one effective way to do so is through music.

Could you please tell us something about your second MV made in Danang?

It is triggered by the photography of the “Feeling Good” MV. I was so attracted by the charm of Danang. That prompted me to say to myself: “I want to go to Danang and go to the sea, and I want to eat Vietnamese food.”

What are the highlights in your future plan?

I will hold a concert at Budokan, a very famous venue in Japan. I want to be an artist who is loved worldwide. And I want to be a goodwill ambassador of Danang’s tourism.

“Feeling Good” MV promotes Danang’s tourism

Meik’s “Feeling Good” MV has been used by the central coastal city of Danang for one year. The main locations in “Feeling Good” are also some key attractions of Danang, such as the white sandy beaches, the Marble Mountains, the Dragon Bridge, and the streets.

This year, Danang continued to be the location for another MV of Meik, which is considered a lovely symbol for the friendship between Japan and Vietnam.

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