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Vietnamese architecture wins int’l award
Wednesday,  2/26/2020, 14:45 

Vietnamese architecture wins int’l award

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Sky House by architect Nguyen Hoang Manh boasts many planter-like balconies - PHOTO: COURTESY OF MIA DESIGN STUDIO

HCMC - Sky House by architect Nguyen Hoang Manh from MIA Design Studio has won a Realized Award at the 33rd edition of the World Architecture Community Awards in London.

The award was selected by the votes of honorary members and winners of earlier cycles, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

Located in An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC, Sky House is an open, airy structure that allows its residents to live in harmony with nature to release stress amid the congested exterior environment and high-density surroundings.

Manh and his team completed Sky House in 2019, seeking to bring in as much nature as possible within the architecture’s spaces.

Manh said HCMC is a metropolitan city with the highest density of construction, vehicles and population in Vietnam. Therefore, he has tried to compensate for the lack of green spaces by designing numerous planter-like balconies.

“In combination with our desire is the personality of the homeowner who loves to enjoy inner-peace and calmness,” said the MIA Design Studio architect.

Therefore, the design team has determined a clear visual for the architectural plan, which is to promote a deep connection between the inhabitants as well as between the inhabitants and nature via a series of gaps and links throughout the interior spaces.

The house is divided into two parts. The first half is devoted to the sun, wind, water and trees or simply empty spaces, and the other half is presented for family activities with minimal utilities.

“Architecture is a living body. As an alternative to the common approach of opening of the four sides, we create a vertical connection between the house and the sky,” Manh said.

This approach has allowed the house to receive nature indirectly and from there the user can feel the changes in weather and daylight hours. At this time, the architecture is no longer dependent on the surrounding context but has created its immanent landscape.

“The quality of Vietnamese constructions has been increasingly recognized in the world. It is a good signal and encouragement for Vietnamese architects,” the architect said after winning the award.

Sky House earlier won the Ashui Award 2019 for Building of the Year. It is an annual award to honor the best architecture works by Ashui Vietnam Corporation.

Launched in 2006, the World Architecture Community Awards highlight and recognize remarkable projects that have the potential to inspire exciting questions about contemporary architectural discourse. The 33rd cycle had 50 different winning projects from 22 countries with a fantastic mix of building types, spanning from Mexico to India, Romania to Canada.

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