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Vietnam Economic Times ceases publication
Friday,  7/17/2020, 09:03 

Vietnam Economic Times ceases publication

The Saigon Times

The façade of the Vietnam Economic Times headquarters in Hanoi - PHOTO: NLDO

HCMC - Vietnam Economic Times has stopped the publication of all its newspapers, magazines, and online editions and formally disbanded from July 15, after nearly three decades of operations, according to Decision No. 41 issued by the Vietnam Economic Association (VEA), the management body of the organization.

The management board of the Vietnam Economic Times has to map out a dissolution plan in line with prevailing regulations and submit it to VEA’s appraising board prior to July 31.

The Vietnam Economic Times is required to adequately implement policies in terms of employees, labor contracts and agreements in a lawful manner; fulfill financial obligations; pay liabilities and prepare final account reports.

Besides this, it also has to make an inventory of assets and work out measures to hand over, liquidate or tackle them in line with prevailing regulations.

Regarding State and corporate assets such as land, trademark, machinery and equipment, the Vietnam Economic Times was asked to compile dossiers with complete invoices and the relevant legal documents and suggest solutions on handling the properties to the appraising board.

For projects, funds and cooperation agreements involving it and its partners, it has to report the results and final accounts of these projects to capital contributors and clearly specify the current stake of the parties involved.

Once the dissolution plan is completed, the Vietnam Economic Times has to complete the assigned tasks by August 30 and hand over State and corporate assets to VEA.

From September 1 onward, the Vietnam Economic Times must complete all dissolution procedures and cease operations as a subsidiary of VEA.

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