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Vietnam starts second phase of Nanocovax clinical trial today
Friday,  2/26/2021, 12:13 

Vietnam starts second phase of Nanocovax clinical trial today

The Saigon Times

A woman is given a shot of locally-made Covid-19 vaccine Nanocovax in the second phase of the human trial – PHOTO: VNA

HCMC – The Institute of Biomedicine and Pharmacy under the Vietnam Military Medical Academy this morning, February 26, started the second phase of the clinical trial of locally-made Covid-19 vaccine Nanocovax.

The vaccine is one of the three Covid-19 vaccines being developed in Vietnam, the local media reported.

This morning, 35 volunteers aged between 18 and 60 got the first shots of the vaccine and will be classified into groups of seven. Two people in a group will be injected with a dosage of 25 micrograms, two will receive 50 micrograms, two others will get 75 micrograms and the final volunteer will receive the vaccine with placebos to measure the efficacy rate.

The results of the first-phase trial of the vaccine on 60 people, which was completed a few days ago, showed that the three dosages of 25, 50 and 75 micrograms produced immune responses. The vaccine also generated immune responses when it was tested for the common Covid-19 variant and a variant from Britain.

The Nanocovax vaccine will continue to be tested for the variant from South Africa in the second phase.

In this phase, 560 people in Hanoi City and Long An Province will be injected. Some 35 days later, the third phase of the trial will begin and need 10,000 volunteers.

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