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Traces of distant past in Tho Ha village
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Traces of distant past in Tho Ha village

By Thu Huong

The entrance of Tho Ha ancient village - PHOTOS: THU HUONG

Tho Ha ancient village by the Cau River in Van Ha Commune (Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province) used to be a pottery village in the 12th century. However, pottery making in the village is now history. Villagers have earned their living by doing different jobs, such as making rice paper, noodles and wine.

Those visiting Tho Ha can see only vestiges of the ancient pottery village on some old houses there which can withstand the test of time. These unique centuries-old houses made of ceramic pieces are a highlight in Tho Ha.

Walls are built using bricks and tieu sanh (a kind of ceramic box used to contain dead people’s ashes


Alleys sandwiched by walls made of ceramic pieces
Houses with ceramic roof tiles
An anti-landside wall made of ceramic boxes
A centuries-old kitchen of ancient bricks


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