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Yen Bai locks down venues related to Chinese experts
Monday,  5/3/2021, 11:33 

Yen Bai locks down venues related to Chinese experts

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Two men disinfect an area where suspected Covid-19 cases live. The northern province of Yen Bai has locked down some areas that were visited by five Chinese experts - PHOTO: VNA

HCMC - The national steering committee for Covid-19 infection prevention and control has asked the northern province of Yen Bai to lock down venues that were visited by a group of five Chinese experts.

The Chinese experts came to Vietnam on April 9 and were quarantined at Nhu Nguyet 2 Hotel in Yen Bai City until April 23. During that time, all of them tested negative for Covid-19 three times.

However, after they returned to China through the Huu Nghi Border Gate in Lang Son Province, one of them tested positive for Covid-19 on April 29.

From April 23 until they came back to China, the Chinese experts visited some venues in Yen Bai and other provinces.

The local authorities have locked down the related venues including a residential area on Ao Sen Street, the Tan An Ward and the Hoa Tay Bac Hostel in Pu Trang Ward.

The province has also strengthened preventive measures in areas that the Chinese experts visited, including Hai Chan and Nam Vai hamlets in Gia Hoi Commune, Da Gan and Nga Ba 3 hamlets in Cat Thinh Commune, and Nam Cuong, Chan Hung, Nam Puoi and Trung Tam hamlets in Nam Bung Commune.

Yen Bai Province has quarantined more than 200 people who had come into contact with the Chinese experts for Covid-19 testing.

The local authorities have asked people who had close contact with the Chinese experts or visited Bao Yen Hotel in Nghia Lo Town from April 25 until now to immediately contact the nearest medical centers or call the Yen Bai Province Department of Health on 0964671010 or the provincial Center for Disease Control on 0853459000 for support.

Those visiting Hai Chan Hamlet, Gia Hoi Commune and Van Chan District from April 25 until now and Nam Vai Hamlet, Gia Hoi Commune, Van Chan District and Goc Lat food stall in Cat Thinh Commune, Van Chan District, from April 28 until now should also do the same.

The chairman of Yen Bai Province signed a decision on May 2 to temporarily suspend Nguyen Truong Giang, director of the Yen Bai City Medical Center, from work for shortcomings over quarantining the foreign experts.

During this temporary suspension, deputy director Dang Dinh Thang will be in charge of leading the medical center.

Giang’s shortcomings were related to a group of Indian experts who came to Yen Bai City on April 18. While they were quarantined at Nhu Nguyet 2 Hotel in the city, four of 11 experts tested positive for Covid-19. A receptionist of the hotel later tested positive for Covid-19 on April 26.

All of them were infected with the B.1.617 variant of Covid-19, which was first found in India.

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