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The magical strait of winds
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The magical strait of winds

By Khue Viet Truong

A long walkway with thousands of stairs and red handrails leading to the beaches - PHOTOS: KHUE VIET TRUONG

HCMC - Eo Gio (Strait of Winds)—an arc-shaped strait in the central coast city of Quy Nhon—has an untapped beauty with blue sea embraced by majestic mountain ranges and cliffs.

Located in the east of Phuong Mai Peninsula, around 20 kilometers from Quy Nhon City in Binh Dinh Province, Eo Gio Strait is notable for its azure sea, untouched nature, majestic mountains and clear blue sky.

In the strait, high mountains undulate pleasantly while its beaches are lined with small and big stones. It also has something more special which can’t be found elsewhere: the cliffs shelter it from the wind.

In Vietnam, the central coastal provinces each has its own charming beaches as well as mesmerizing landscapes characterized by different terrains in each location. Eo Gio is one of them. And yet it is more special magically in several ways which may inspire love at first sight for it among tourists.

A long walkway with thousands of stairs and red handrails leading to the beaches is the first magical thing in Eo Gio. The cliffs and the greenery along the walkway provide an magically idyll setting for photo sessions. The walkway ends with bamboo wind chimes that ring when the sea wind blows. The wind chimes also signal the arrival at Da De Beach where rocky pools are the magical mountainscape. The beach is named Da De (Rocks give birth to rocks) after a legend about magical rocks that could replace missing ones immediately.

Big rocks in the beach are the rest stops where tourists can admire the blue sea while listening to “love songs” of the sea created by waves. To watch the magical view of Eo Gio, tourists can climb to a mountain nearby which is 70 meters above sea level.

To give easier access to the destination, Thi Nai Bridge connecting Quy Nhon City and Phuong Mai Peninsula was built in 2002.

Eo Gio Strait is notable for its azure sea


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