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Streets in HCMC deserted on first day of lockdown
Friday,  7/9/2021, 15:04 

Streets in HCMC deserted on first day of lockdown

By Minh Hoang

Few vehicles and motorcyclists seen at Ly Thai To Roundabout in District 10, different from the image of crowds of vehicles and people before - PHOTOS: MINH HOANG

HCMC - Many streets in HCMC this morning, July 9 were completely deserted, while stores, restaurants and eateries have shut down as the city began the 15-day lockdown in line withe the prime minister’s Directive 16 today to suppress the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tran Hung Dao Street in District 1 is deserted during peak hours
All stores and shops selling non-essential items close down in line with the social distancing order
Several people stand in line to buy food
A couple return home after buying rice for stockpiling
A bakery sees no customers
An eatery on Ba Hat Street in District 5 has closed its door for two months due to Covid-19. The owner of the eatery is considering returning the rented premises as the eatery has incurred heavy losses
A motorcycle rider is concerned about Covid-19 infection, but is still trying to work for a living
Two goods delivery drivers seen riding on a quiet street in HCMC
A man buys medicines at a drugstore. HCMC allows drugstores to stay open during the lockdown
A Grab driver on the way to deliver goods to customers


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